2015 AD.
The capitalist system of economy has reached its limits of growth.
As a result, industrial production and interests have increased 45% compared to 2005 , the incomes of labour have fallen around 33%.

The competition between the 4 big economy-unions, ( NAFTA, EU, JAPAN, and CHINA) has escalated into a new cold war.
26 % of all Americans are unemployed.
Especially in these times electronic mass-media are extremely important. It is them who fill people´s minds and project their image of reality.

2009 A.D.
In a Californian genetic-research center it was figured out to clone a human being, who´s genes are exactly programmed according to the conceptions of the management.
This 7ft 3" tall, extremely athletic superman was sold to the movie-production company 'INFERNO PICTURES' in 2013.
Under the name 'DEX FOSTER'. He became leading actor of the TV-serial 'AMERICAN WARRIORS'.
Exactly tuned for the public´s yearnings and aggressions, 'America Warriors' is the most successful TV-serial of all times.

Dex & The Nazis Dex & The Evil Mitsufuji-San Dex / World War 3 The Hunter & The Bear